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Mrs. Hudson has been knocked up.




Yooo I’m going to Tracon tomorrow and will be there the whole weekend. Unfortunately we wont be at the artist alley, but if you see me wandering around and recognize me, come and say hi~

All of us - lurkkis, haikaraa, aletraidi, kaikkitietaja and elina-elsu  - will be there wandering around Tracon this weekend so if you spot us say hi maybe? )o)

Yup, I’ll have my top hat on as usual :D Don’t be afraid to come say hi.

Both of their faces XD

absolutely lovely, my favourites have to be the second, third and fifth ammonite, they have such gorgeous patterns and colours and lightening!!!! :-) (and the Ichthyosaurus is also so adorable ^^)

Yaaaay thank you :::D Hehehe I’m also quite satisfied how they turned out, I feel I learned a lot abot painting with computer doing these. I’ve been using traditional tools mostly, but can definitely see the advantages of Photoshop and ctrl-z and layers more now XD

I LOVE these! Nice job, Elina! Dactyloceras Communis is my favorite, I think. But they are all so great!

AWwww thank you :))) They took a lot of time, but I really enjoyed fiddling all the details in them. Should use the same concentration in my fan art too, really XD


January, 1890.


January, 1890.

This was my absolute favourite task at the internship I did this summer. I got to illustrate some living fossiles for a kid’s dinosaur exhibition in Tampere. Those actual fossiles will be on display there and I was asked to illustrate what they would have looked like when alive.

Of course I can’t really know - nor did I find any exact scientific pictures, so I got to use my imagination and lotsa colours! I’m sure the fossile scientists wont care and the kids will like XD

Introverts, in contrast, may have strong social skills and enjoy parties and business meetings, but after a while wish they were home in their pajamas. They prefer to devote their social energies to close friends, colleagues, and family. They listen more than they talk, think before they speak, and often feel as if they express themselves better in writing than in conversation. They tend to dislike conflict. Many have a horror of small talk, but enjoy deep discussions.
Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (via dyslexxicon)

Scram, Sherlock. I’m working this side of the street.

Hahah how cute is that Holmes XDDD





Today in English class we were talking about cultural and linguistic differences between Finnish and what-ever-countries-our-exchange-students-were-from.

One “rude” thing in Finnish is that, common Finnish communication lacks the word “please”. In theory we should use the…

Being half-Finnish, you’d think I’d understand this, but I really, REALLY don’t. But that’s down to the other, English half. It’s like I can’t help being ridiculously polite, to the extent that actual Finnish people find it off-putting, and I on the other hand find myself thinking a lot of people are rude, even though really it’s a cultural thing (let it be noted that my Finnish mum is also really polite, so this particular Finnish stereotype has never been particularly present in my life before moving back to Finland).

Yet another reason I just don’t belong in this country.

In my case, when visiting England I have often wondered if I unwittingly caused some hurt feelings for being accidentally too rude…forgetting the “please” and asking “What?” when I didn’t quite catch something is a reflex I can’t help. My brain is wired that way. I would no doubt learn out of it if I lived in England for long enough - but as you say, I would think a lot of it was quite unnecessary. “Could I have the x and x please, if you don’t mind?” is just….why? XD You can say the same thing with a lot less effort - or at least in the Finn’s opinion. Of course it sounds strange if you’re not used to short answers and silence, but it goes the other way around too. I guess we could endeavor to meet somewhere in the middle when meeting Finns/English people.

One time in English our teacher talked about how Finnish is also quite lacking in… not sure what it’s called really, but difference in intonation? Variations in pitch? And how if you speak English like that it sounds weird and flat. I also noticed when I first started to speak Swedish with Swedish speakers that I felt like I was speaking too much in monotone. No idea if others heard it like that though. But I suspect that might also make someone sound rude/angry for someone speaking a language with more variation?

THEN again you know what is also a Finnish stereotype? Constantly wondering what your neighbor/foreigners/that sofa over there is thinking about you (and omg what if it’s something bad?!!). : 9

Hahahah so true XD


I used one of my art challenge days to finish this off. Holmes treats Watson to a relaxing evening after a long day’s doctoring and detecting. 

Love it :)


I used one of my art challenge days to finish this off. Holmes treats Watson to a relaxing evening after a long day’s doctoring and detecting. 

Love it :)

This month Spacefall and I are taking part in the August National Art Making Month again. As tasks for a couple of days, we each made a sketch, and then finished each other’s ones in our own way :) Upper one is my sketch with Spacefall’s aweome versions, and the lower one is my uh..artistic version of Spacefall!H&W XD


BBC Sherlock in the original Victorian era

If only.


Deleted this by accident. It was in answer to a question in my ask box about how Agoraphobia feels … Yay, mental illness!

I have not been posting much lately because I’m recovering from quite bad neck/shoulder pain and the dizziness and anxiety caused by it. I am doing a bit better now tho (finally I feel like I got out of the pit), thanks to medication and physiotherapy. I shall try to get back to drawing more Holmes art once I get some more energy :)